Working with a personal trainer at Southfields Physiotherapy is a safe, effective way to improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing; it can also be fun and educational. Since we are an interdisciplinary clinic, our trainers and coaches work closely with our physiotherapists, and they are experienced in injury rehabilitation and human movement.


Our trainers are specialists in movement, injury prevention, rehabilitation, performance, biomechanics and function. Whether you want to become pain free, move better or perform better or you are preparing for a sport or event, we can help and will get you fit for purpose.

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We know one size doesn’t fit all—that’s why we treat each client as an individual. You can expect a thorough movement or functional assessment and screening, customised programmes and an individualised approach when you start so we can help you progress along your fitness journey safely and effectively.

Whether you are starting out for the first time or returning from an injury or you just need a change, our trainers can help set you on the right path.


Are you fit for purpose and staying true to function? Moving in all three planes of motion with an integrated approach offers many benefits when it comes to the daily tasks and normal functional activities required for our active lives. By becoming fit for life, you become more durable and resilient to the poor habits modern life subjects us to, giving you the chance to live a full, active life. We aim to improve the way you move.

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The goal of training and rehabilitation is not to change how the body looks, but to improve how the body moves.








We use a functional approach to reduce the likelihood of injuries which can often be caused by overuse or one-plane movements, this way we keep you fit for purpose. While using the standard resistance training machines normally found in gyms may offer some benefits, they may be of limited use when it comes to everyday functional movements. Their fixed-axis, one-plane motions may inhibit normal movement patterns, and they rarely mimic our natural movements. This approach focuses your efforts on a single muscle group working in isolation rather than focusing on how our bodies are designed to move. Certain conventional machines could also restrict movements to a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement that could lead to faulty movement patterns or even injuries.

What our patients are saying...

  • I approached Sheldon two years ago with the aim of making my injury-prone body a bit more robust. Sheldon combines his superb knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system with a very large array of functional movement exercises, which makes his training very tailored to my specific needs. The sessions with him are always fun and have not just helped me to build strength, but also to significantly improve the quality of my movements. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he is in a PT league of his own! ~ DB, Southfields
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