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FREE 30-minute Pilates reformer taster session

pilates reformer southfields physiotherapy

If you're looking for a new challenge then grab a taster with Tess and let her take you through your paces with an introduction to Pilates reformer training.

We have a beautiful combination reformer/Cadillac in our main clinic where we hold 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 reformer sessions.

Come and see how this great piece of equipment can add a new dimension to your Pilates training!

Enquire at reception or call 0208 870 8462

First, a big thank you to all our committed, dedicated Pilates clients who have been with us for any length of time, but especially to the majority, who have been with us for + 5 years! And of course, an equally big thank you to our wonderful team of experienced instructors. We are extremely proud of what has become an integral part of our offering, and commitment to total health and wellbeing.

As the number of classes on offer has increased over the years, in addition to the number of rehab clients being referred and joining the classes, we are going to make some changes effective January 2016, in an effort to guarantee that our standard of excellence in meeting all client and instructor needs does not falter.

We've added a few new classes to our timetable! Please click on the readmore for further details. 

December 2014 newsletter.

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We are very excited to announce that we have expanded our premises into the former ‘London Swimming Pool Company’ building at 138 Replingham Road.

We now have 3 separate sites that all fall under the Southfields Physiotherapy banner but we have ‘labelled’ them differently so it is clear what is happening where!

At 138 Replingham Road we have ‘Southfields Physiotherapy’ where our main reception, all physiotherapy, sports massage, rehabilitation, diagnostic ultrasound, and other exciting new training facilities (including a Pro Ski Simulator and Pilates reformer) will be based! Please call the usual number on 020 8870 8462 for any of the above services.

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