• Pilates

    Pilates is a popular and well established exercise technique that can help a large spectrum of people with varying health and fitness levels to develop good posture, core stability, strength and balance.
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  • Physiotherapy

    Our team of professionals are highly qualified and dedicated and strive to facilitate your return to optimal health using the most appropriate and effective approach.
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  • Massage

    We offer various types of massage therapy such as sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofacial release and pregnancy massage. Book a massage now or treat someone with a voucher!
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  • Functional Movement

    Function Movement Screen. A powerful paradigm shift in fitness and athletic development. The FMS assesses fundamental movement patterns.
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  • Personal Training

    Box, jump, swing and kick yourself to better fitness. We offer personal training, Kettlebells, Boxercise and more!
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  • Sports Conditioning

    Being able to perform at any level requires specific conditioning which is adaptive to the demands of your chosen sport on the body.
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  • Kettlebells

    The kettlebell is a versatile and effective training tool. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, general fitness or just need a great workout then Kettlebells are for you!
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  • Chi Kung

    Chi Kung is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. Literally translated it means ‘energy work’. A low impact exercise using a combination of postural alignment, joint mobilisations, breathing techniques and an exploration of stillness.
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  • Ergonomics

    We can help companies and individuals improve their work organisation ergonomics. We specialise in workstation assessments.
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Pilates Class Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in our Southfields Pilates classes.

Please fill in your details below and let us know which class/es you are interested in joining. One of our reception team will be in touch to discuss class availability and answer your questions. (*Required)

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Antenatal Pilates


During your nine months of pregnancy and for some time after birth your body undergoes an amazing transformation.

There are some major physiological changes that take place, some of which can have a big impact on your physical body. Being in control of your body is vital to both you and your baby.

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Advanced Core Class


A more challenging class for those looking to take a step up in core function and strength.

This hybrid class combines traditional Pilates exercises with a selection of other functional core and strength exercises and attracts sports people and those who would enjoy a bit more of a strength emphasis.

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Class Descriptions

  • 8 Principles of Pilates +

    There are 8 Pilates principles that are incorporated into our Pilates classes and individual sessions. Some of these principles are covered in the initial Pilates assessment designed to make you more familiar with these concepts before you join a class. They are:

    Concentration     Breathing     Centering     Control     Precision     Flowing movement     Integrated isolation     Routine

  • Beginner Intermediate Class +

    The beginner/intermediate Pilates class aims to get all participants to reach an intermediate level of Pilates. Beginners are introduced into these classes at any stage and the instructor is able to modify each exercise to suit your level. Most of our classes are pitched at a level that is suitable for gaining and maintaining a good level of core stability and is also ideal for managing chronic pain or injuries. The class focuses on developing correct postural alignment and movement patterns and gradually builds good core muscle strength and endurance.

  • Core Stability Class +

    The core stability class is a more advanced class that combines traditional Pilates exercises with a selection of other functional core and strength exercises. It attracts sports people and those who enjoy a bit more of a strength emphasis. It is suitable for someone who is familiar with intermediate level Pilates and who is fairly strong and well conditioned at the outset. The class is faster paced than the regular Pilates classes, varies from week to week, and may include the use of small equipment such as Swiss balls, foam rollers, gliders, BOSU’s and resistance bands. There are more advanced functional exercises in standing, such as squats and lunges with trunk rotation. Potential participants may trial the class by prior arrangement.

  • Antenatal Pilates Class +

    The antenatal Pilates class concentrates on strengthening the muscles used to support your joints (particularly your pelvis and spine) and your growing baby. It incorporates gentle but effective stretching and core strengthening exercises. These will help to maintain the strength of your abdominals and pelvic floor as they stretch and other exercises will help to improve your overall strength in preparation for all the lifting and carrying of your new baby! Exercises are done in safe positions for your stage of pregnancy. The class is slower paced than regular Pilates classes and also focuses on breathing and relaxation.

  • Over 60's Pilates Class +

    This class is suitable for those who want to work at their own pace in a gentle, relaxed and friendly class. Exercises can be modified to accommodate limitations due to arthritis, osteoporosis, or any other restrictions. This class is performed at a slower pace and can help to improve and optimise posture and gait, can help protect against osteoporosis, is gentle on vulnerable joints and focuses on improving balance giving you confidence for everyday activities. Specially formulated for those who would like to exercise, but feel intimidated by the pace and demands of other Pilates classes. This class is run by our Chartered Physiotherapist with a special interest in this age group.

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