Sheldon Allen

sheldon allen southfields physiotherapy

Functional Movement Expert | Certified in Applied Functional Science ®  

Health and Fitness Coach | Advanced Kettlebell Instructor | Clinic Operations and Health Director

Sheldon has been in the fitness industry for over 12 years. He gained his qualification as a Health and Fitness Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is certified in Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute) . It was through (KTA), one of Europe’s largest Kettlebell training academy where he qualified as an advanced kettlebell instructor and is now involved in training kettlebell instructor.

Sheldon is certified member in movement screening (FMS) as an expert with functional movement systems and is advanced level 2 FMS in corrective exercise with FMS.

Sheldon continues to take further education to improve all the time, he has recently completed, functional movement and gait analysis level 1 & 2 - The Lower Extremity & The Spine & Pelvis.

It was his real passion and involvement in sports from a young age which led him to gain certificates through the TWIST academy in Sport Conditioning in Agility, Quickness and Reactivity (AQR), Sport Core and Sport balance. Sheldon helps a wide range of clients during early or late rehabilitation phases as well as helping clients move and perform better.

As a qualified sports massage therapist Sheldon combines a uniique hands on and movement based apporach. He uses sound training principles and a practical approach with application to movement quality rather than quantity, this is what we believe makes him a successful trainer. He believes each person is truly unique and so applies this to an individualised and suitable training system for each client.   

Sheldon’s sessions are well balanced but will challenge you as he believes movement progressions are earned. With a wide array of equipment available you could learn how to use and maximise physical performance and function with Kettlebell Training, effectively use Boxercise and Kickboxercise as a great all-round conditioning session and become proficient with core function, balance and integrated exercises. Take your fitness and function to a new level and have some fun along the way.

Sheldon excelled as a sportsman himself and achieved both school and provincial colours for swimming and athletics at a young age and enjoyed 5 years of amateur boxing.

More recently, Sheldon is pursuing kettlebell as a sport, with this and in addition to his advanced kettlebell certification he is completing a Kettlebell Professional Course with the World Kettlebell Club. His aims and ambitions are to compete and teach kettlebell training at the very highest level.

His athletic and active fitness helped him as a stuntman and was a body double to Dolph Lundgren for his film Sweepers in 1998 shot on location in South Africa.


  • Sports Massage Therapist(STUK)
  • Functional Movement Screening - (FMS) level 1
  • Advanced corrective exercise - (FMS) level 2
  • Certified In Applied Functional Science ® - (Gray Institute)
  • Advanced Kettlebell Instructor - (KTA)
  • Sport Core - (TWIST Sporting Academy)
  • Sport Balance - (TWIST Sporting Academy)
  • AQR - (TWIST Sporting Academy)
  • Gait Analysis - Lower Extremity Level 1 - (T4F)
  • Gait Analysis - Spine and Pelvis Level 2 - (T4F)
  • Functional Running Biomechanics Level 1 - Assessment and Rehabilitation - (T4F)
  • Advanced Boxercise Instructor - (BOXERCISE)
  • Muhammad Ali Boxing Fitness Trainer - (BOXERCISE)
  • Kickboxercise Instructor - (BOXERCISE)
  • Circuits instructor - (FIE)
  • Girevoy Sport Union Member - (GSU)
  • REPS L2 - (Registered Exercise Professional)