Craig Lewis

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B.Phys.Ed; B.A. (Hons) Sports Science | Strength & Conditioning Coach

After qualifying with a Bachelor in Physical Education degree (University of the Witwatersrand) and then an Honours degree in Sports Science (Rand Afrikaans University/ University of Johannesburg) in 2001, Craig began his professional career within a privately owned Exercise Science and Personal Training Centre in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition to his practical work, Craig lectured to Undergraduate students in the Department of Human Movement Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Craig was then approached to work within a private high performance and rehabilitation centre. It was within this environment that a large amount of his rehabilitation and performance training tools were developed and sharpened through working with a large number of clients requiring very specific performance and rehabilitation guidance.

In 2009 Craig took on the role of Chief Sports Scientist at his previous place of work. Around this time he also started working as the Head of Sports Science for a Professional football team in South Africa. Over the last 7 years since, Craig has worked with a number of professional football teams as a Physical Trainer/ Sports Scientist where his role has included the assessment of physical performance, monitoring of physical performance, team and individual periodisation (weekly to seasonal planning), on-field and gym based football specific conditioning, injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery and regeneration. The highlight of his football based career so far has been in the role of Physical Trainer for the Portuguese National Football Team in preparation for and during the 2010 World Cup Football Finals.

In addition to his football-related work, Craig has worked with and across a number of different sporting environments with both sports teams as well as individuals. This has included athletics (track and road running), cycling, swimming, triathlon, tennis, golf, football, cricket and numerous Paralympic based sports. Some of these athletes have competed at Olympic, Paralympic and International level.

Craig’s work has by no means been limited to elite-level athletes but has included working with recreational athletes and other individuals of all fitness levels. He endeavours to help his clients achieve their goals whether they be performance-related or simply improving their lifestyle and state of wellbeing. So besides sports and performance training Craig can help a wide variety of clients with final phase rehabilitation, injury prevention, strengthening, stability training, flexibility training and postural re-education.

Over the last 15 years, his professional development has been shaped and re-shaped by the clients, athletes, practitioners and colleagues that he has had the pleasure of having working with. He focuses on offering a comprehensive package to both recreational and professional athletes (in both high performance and final phase return to play) across a wide variance of sports as well as to the ‘weekend warrior’ with the goal of completing a 5km fun run or who simply wants to enjoy a gym session with a difference!

What to expect from a session with Craig.

At Southfields Physio, you as the Client can expect a professional, holistic and bespoke programme designed to suit your very own individual exercise needs. Like no two people are the same, so no programme design and implementation solution should be the same.After a comprehensive assessment, taking into account numerous appraisal tools designed to assess quality of movement control, a structured and comprehensive intervention strategy is created to meet your own unique requirements.

Craig believes that an assessment is really only as good as the intervention that follows.Thereafter, the client is taken through the training plan which could either be in the form of regular training sessions or alternatively guided through a take home training plan with regular trainer-client intervention along the way

These particular sessions will be determined by a number of different factors depending on the level or age of the client, chosen activity or sport, short/ medium and long term goals, results of the assessment, previous injury history and potential input from other related professionals (therapists, physicians etc.).

These sessions could be in the form of stability, mobility, injury prevention, final phase rehabilitation, power, strength, postural re-education and sport specific training. Again, this would be a consultative process between Craig and yourself requiring a best fit scenario every step of the way.

But it shouldn’t just stop with the session, because your body never stops! Craig will also look at other factors pertaining to the effect of training on the body such as regeneration, recovery, nutrition, weekly training plan and lifestyle.

So, irrespective of whatever challenge you take up from injury rehabilitation or general wellness, to a 5km time trial through to a multi-endurance event and everything in-between, we are the training Solution for you!