How much does a screen cost?

The screen cost is £85 for 90 Minutes which includes the screening and your initial corrective exercise plan. You will be instructed on these exercises which will be included in your initial corrective plan.

What do I get from the screen?

Based on your FMS score we will discuss the outcome of your screen and discuss an effective corrective exercise plan which is aimed at improving dysfunctional, limited or asymmetrical movement patterns. Your screen results are recorded on the FMS Pro360 App during the screen and will be emailed to you directly on completion of your screen.

You will then be invited by your FMS expert to register your unique profile as a user which allows you access to your personal workouts and calendars as set out by your FMS expert.

All screen results and corrective exercises will be available to you on-line on your FMS profile once you have registered.  Full videos and detailed instructions for the prescribed exercises are provided which can be used as a reference following your initial screen.

What happens following my initial screen?

We aim to successfully implement the corrective exercises plan to positively affect any movement limitations, dysfunctions or asymmetries that may exist. You may book again to be re-screened a few weeks later and/or you may require a session to progress your exercises and discuss the relative training needs with your FMS expert.

Once the desired corrective outcomes have been achieved where applicable your FMS expert can suggest further systems which can continue to improve movement competency.

Will the corrective exercise plan work?

Corrective plans take into account the most significant limitations, dysfunctions or asymmetries and are prescribed to enhance or positively affect these in relation to your lowest scores. In many cases we have had positive results in improving movement function and functional performance for clients.

Please remember that achieving a positive outcome depends on how compliant you are with your prescribed corrective exercise programme. Hard work and consistency pay dividends!

How shall I prepare for the screen?

Whilst there is a lot of information available about the screen, we encourage clients not to practise the movement screen as this will not affect your results positively and could result in injury.

Avoid heavy or strenuous physical workouts at least 48 hours before your screen and wear clothes that do not restrict or inhibit your movement. If you normally wear orthotics then we suggest you wear them during your screen. Please bring a sweat towel and water bottle to your screen.

Where will the screen take place?

We have two premises and our main clinic and reception are at 185 Replingham. Our Rehabilitation and exercise studio where screening takes place is located at  193 Replingham Road, Southfields, SW18 5LY. Click here for MAP

How do I book a screen?

Please fill in your details by clicking on the FMS form button and our FMS expert will be in touch to discuss a suitable time for your screen.

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