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    Function Movement Screen. A powerful paradigm shift in fitness and athletic development. The FMS assesses fundamental movement patterns.
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    Our team of professionals are highly qualified and dedicated and strive to facilitate your return to optimal health using the most appropriate and effective approach.
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    Pilates is a popular and well established exercise technique that can help a large spectrum of people with varying health and fitness levels to develop good posture, core stability, strength and balance.
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    We offer various types of massage therapy such as sports massage, deep tissue massage, myofacial release and pregnancy massage. Book a massage now or treat someone with a voucher!
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    The kettlebell is a versatile and effective training tool. Whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, general fitness or just need a great workout then Kettlebells are for you!
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    Chi Kung is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. Literally translated it means ‘energy work’. A low impact exercise using a combination of postural alignment, joint mobilisations, breathing techniques and an exploration of stillness.
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    We can help companies and individuals improve their work organisation ergonomics. We specialise in workstation assessments.
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Functional Movement Screen


Southfields Physiotherapy is a fully certified FMS clinic offering functional movement screening and advanced corrective exercise prescription. The functional movement systems offers many benefits to teams or individuals wanting to reduce injuries and improve performance.

The movement screen can be applied in a multitude of fitness and clinical settings.

What is a functional movement screen?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality in clients and athletes. The Functional Movement Screen will help demonstrate limitations or asymmetries in healthy individuals with respect to basic movement patterns and eventually correlate them with outcomes. The Functional Movement Screen is comprised of seven fundamental movement patterns that require a balance of mobility and stability.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the Functional Movement Screen is that a personal trainer, athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach can learn the system and have a simple and quantifiable method of evaluating basic movement abilities. The FMS allows a trainer or coach to begin the process of functional movement pattern assessment in individuals without recognized pathology.

These fundamental movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic loco motor, manipulative and stabilizing movements. The tests place the individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate stability and mobility is not utilized.

It has been observed that many individuals who perform at very high levels during activities are unable to perform these simple movements. These individuals should be considered to be utilizing compensatory movement patterns during their activities, sacrificing efficient movements for inefficient ones in order to perform at high levels. If these compensations continue, then poor movement patterns will be reinforced leading to inefficient or poor biomechanics and the possibility of injury.

The functional movement screen can help....

  • Identify physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses
  • Create a baseline for movement in order to mark progress
  • Restore and improve optimal movement required for fitness and  athletic performance
  • Create a completely personalized fitness plan
  • Individualize training and conditioning programs for specific results
  • Reliable and reproducible screen with specific markers for movement problems
  • Identify movement compensations which could help reduce the potential risk for training and sports injuries
  • Improve fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises

Who can use the FMS?

  • Clients or patients who are wanting to increase their physical capacity
  • Clients or patients on discharge from treatment who are wanting return to their sport or activity
  • Athletes wanting to improve functional performance and reduce risk of injury
  • Sports teams wanting to improve athlete functional performance and reduce risk of injury rate and recurrence
  • Anyone looking to improve their movement capabilities in everyday life or activity

Functional movement screen frequently asked questions

If you have already booked or are looking to book a screen you will find more useful information below.



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