At Southfields Physiotherapy we offer specialized workstation assessments and ergonomic advice for:

  • Individuals who work from home (local area only)
  • Larger groups of employees in companies

A Chartered Physiotherapist with postgraduate training in ergonomics and occupational health will visit you at your home or office to carry out the assessment and implement the necessary changes.

A workstation assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, depending on the needs of the individual.

It consists of the following components:


  • This detailed questionnaire is designed to determine potential risk factors.
  • If applicable it includes a subjective assessment of painful conditions to establish the possible cause and diagnosis.Such problems may include lower back and neck pain, wrist or forearm pain/numbness/pins & needles, and headaches.


  • Assessment of the current workstation equipment, furniture and organisation.
  • Assessment of the working posture and biomechanics of the workstation user.
  • If applicable, advice on appropriate alternate workstation equipment.
  • Advice on, and immediate adjustments (as far as practically possible) to the workstation organisation and user posture and biomechanics.
  • In the case of a work related musculoskeletal disorder, prescription of therapeutic workstation exercises and advice on injury management.


  • A copy of the questionnaire and assessment form with hand written recommendations will be given to each workstation user at the end of their assessment.
  • Exercise handouts will be provided where applicable.
  • A report with a summary of the general findings and recommendations can be supplied to an individual or company for their records, if required.

To book an appointment:

Companies – please contact us by phone or email. Our workstation assessor will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide a quotation for the works to be carried out. Various packages are available.

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