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by Sam Ziman Senior Physiotherapist 

There is a unique subset of sporting injuries that affect younger athletes, these conditions are very common and relate to the growing bone and the affects of growth on the muscles and tendons

Well done to the Southfields Physio Super Spinners for a fantastic effort at the Starfish 24 hour spinning marathon which was held at the Putney branch of the Pedal Studio on 8th & 9th March. Everyone seemed to have a great time spinning away to excellent tunes and fantastic instruction provided by the team at the Pedal Studio.

1. Pain is the last symptom of dysfunction.

A patient’s back is often restricted or unstable for months or years before it presents as a problem and they arrive at a chiropractic clinic. Also, the absence of pain does not neccessarily mean health! While medication may be needed, if you take a pill and the pain goes away, the dysfunction that caused it is still usually there. Muscle, ligament and joint injuries often occur as a result of long-term biomechanical dysfunction, sometimes from past injuries, making the area more susceptible to future injury.

Identifying asymmetries and limitations are fundamental to optimal movement. Understanding the principles and methodology of the functional movement screen and corrective exercise strategies have significant benefits and importance to both clients and coaches.

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