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by Emma Kelly - Pilates Instructor | Elite Swimmer

I have great faith in the lost art of Indian Club Swinging: an action that falls some way between caveman clubbing and majorette twirling.  The clubs themselves are like elegant versions of a rounders bat and can be weighted to suit the swinger.  What an enjoyable way to mobilise shoulders – to traction the joints and balance all the muscles of the rotator cuff.  

by Jenny Newbery - Chi Kung Instructor

Chi Kung is like Tai Chi to look at. It is an ancient Chinese form of exercise and historically it actually comes before Tai Chi and other martial arts as a sort of warm up. Practised regularly and with a focused mind, Chi Kung can really help keep the body relaxed, supple, strong and healthy.

The gentle repetitive forms are usually performed in a standing posture called Wu Chi. Sometimes the forms are taken into Chi Kung walks which are a wonderful way to focus your mind on just the movement and allow it to let go of everything else. It is an easy way to learn to meditate, through movement, and can help improve sleep patterns, energy levels and circulation to name but a few.

Here is an article written on Chi Kung and it’s benefits.

Life at 4 Miles an Hour

 The Southfields Physio Super Spinners are proud to once again be raising funds for children affected by AIDS or HIV in Southern Africa. Last year we managed to raise the most money out of all the spinning teams and we would love to be able to acvhieve that again in 2014 so please help us by donating to this very worthwhile cause!

 By Dr Kirsten Cloete

Simply put, dry needling is the practice of using a sterile acupuncture needle to get rid of painful and troublesome 'knots' or 'trigger points' that can be found in muscles all over the body.

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