Sunday, 30 November 2014 23:57

Reviving the Lost Art of Indian Club Swinging

by Emma Kelly - Pilates Instructor | Elite Swimmer

I have great faith in the lost art of Indian Club Swinging: an action that falls some way between caveman clubbing and majorette twirling.  The clubs themselves are like elegant versions of a rounders bat and can be weighted to suit the swinger.  What an enjoyable way to mobilise shoulders – to traction the joints and balance all the muscles of the rotator cuff.  

I went to Sheffield in pursuit of fellow enthusiasts and spent 5 hours in a school hall holding myself strong to the ground with my core while wheeling progressively heavier clubs in front, behind, overhead and to the side – just me and seven others trying to pick up where the last of the 1950s swingers left off.  

But I need not have travelled so far; our very own Sheldon Allen is well practised in this movement so my apprenticeship will shift from Sheffield to Southfields.  This is just the beginning…

Click here for Indian Clubs Video


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