Chi Kung

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. Literally translated it means ‘energy work’. It is a gentle form of low impact exercise using a combination of postural alignment, joint mobilisations, breathing techniques and an exploration of stillness to establish physiological and psychological harmony in the body.

How can Chi Kung help you?

  • Easing of stress and tension
  • Focusing on posture, balance and core stability
  • Relaxing the muscles and decreasing joint stiffness
  • Improving circulation, mental alertness, flexibility
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Aiding troubled sleep patterns
  • Strengthening the nervous system and immune system


Who is it for?

Anyone can do Chi Kung.  Movements can be adapted for your level and ability.

Chi Kung for Children.

Studies show that regular Chi Kung may help children with .

  • Concentration skills
  • Self confidence
  • Ability to understand and recognise emotions

Chi Kung will help the children to understand their energy and to relax, and connect to their body in a fun and supportive environment.

Please look at for more information.

Prices and Class information.

All classes are an hour long and run in 6 week blocks.  Trial classes available.

Thu 16:00 Chi Kung for kids | £66 for a block of 6

Fri at 12:15 Drop-in class | £12 per class

One to one - 30 minutes £30 | 45 minutes £45 | 60 minutes £50 | Group Classes - £12 per class

What is Chi?

In Chinese culture ‘chi’ represents the flow of vital energy in the body. The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung is the fundamental belief that the flow of energy directly relates to health.  Where energy stagnates, there is pain.

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