Emma Kelly

emma kelly southfields physiotherapy

Pilates Instructor | Massage Therapist

Emma is STOTT and BASI Pilates trained and is a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage therapist and myofascial release practitioner. Her interest in these fields was provoked by persistent and chronic injury to shoulders and lower back as a consequence of swim training for competition.

Pilates presented itself as a mindful movement programme that gave her insight into her own biomechanics and a new approach to training. Fluidity, balance, mobility, strength, stability and focused power – all of them goals of the Pilates approach – gave her the edge that enabled her to break a world record in her age group: and not, she would say, because she was so competitive but because she knew how it felt to move in water.

Emma complemented her training in Pilates with Sports Massage therapy and training in myofascial release. The background in both specialisms influences the way she looks at the movement patterns of a client and the combinations of techniques that might be used to resolve a problem.

When teaching Pilates Emma views it as very much her job to share with clients knowledge of the way their body moves. Elements within the Pilates method -such as precision, flow, strength and breath – should be understood in order to practise the exercises with awareness and control. And concentration is the key to tapping into that very powerful communication between the mental and physical self that will unlock enormous potential with each individual. These are the insights that Emma trusts her clients to transfer into everyday movement and sports.

But above and beyond all else Emma wishes people to experience the thrill and luxury of easy movement.

Apart from her own Pilates practise, Emma has taken the plunge into open water swimming and can be seen in a river or on a beach near you winter and summer.