Allison Wewege

alllison wewege southfields physiotherapy

Pilates Instructor

Allison is trained in the New York method of Pilates, and has been teaching it for 10 years. Coming from a dancing background, Allison first ventured into Aerobics, qualifying in America and teaching for 20 years. Then she was introduced to Pilates and fell in love with the amazing principles, knowledge, discipline and understanding of the body that Joseph Pilates had.

In 2006 Allison open a studio in Pietermaritzburg and very quickly gained recognition, not only by the Chiropractors  and Physiotherapists but Psychologists, Psychiatrists  and medical doctors all of whom embraced the concept of general well being of the mind body  aspect of Pilates. She open another studio in Durban when the family moved to the coast, and continued to keep both operating.

Allison is very pure in her teaching, constantly going back to what Joseph Pilates said and practiced. She believes Pilates is not about a series of exercises, and not only about rehab, but a sense of well being when we tap into our own bodies. Pilates enhances every facet of your life, she believes one cannot help but feel happier and healthier stronger and revitalized after attending a Pilates class. She has an interest in Pilates for teenagers, young adults, and  dancers.

Allison also really believes in the benefits of private and duet classes, where clients can grow and progress at their own rate, and where she can develop the clients  confidence to achieve more than they thought possible with their bodies since the learning environment in a private class allows  for more freedom to try new things.